Uncovering the Truth at Khirbet Qeiyafa - The Elah Fortress


Surveys and excavations by archaeologists and scientists including Yehuda Dagan, Saar Ganor, Yossi Garfinkel, Harry Joel, Michael Hasel and more…


Perhaps the oldest Hebrew inscription ever found (2008). Join us as we visit four labs in the US to see if technology can reveal missing letters.

The Second Gate

In 2008 a second gate was identified at Khirbet Qeiyafa. In 2017 BAR Magazine published an article that changed the historical record. The late Herschel Shanks (obm) agreed to set the record right… but never did.

Shrine Boxes

The claims about the "shrine boxes" are sensational. But sensationalism is frequently poor science. What we know - and what we don't know about this unique site that affords a clear peak into the 10th century.


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