Foundation Stone - Yavne 60 Celebrations
As part of the anniversary celebrations, the Yavne Municipality invited the participation of Foundation Stone in a series of lectures regarding the history of Yavne and Tel Yavne. The lectures were well attended, and city manager Sali Levy and mayor Zvi Gov-Ari part of the enthusiastic crowd.

The Yavne Story Continues

Foundation Stone is gearing up for exciting new developments at Tel Yavne! In the summer of 2007, the IAA renewed its invitation to Foundation Stone to proceed with its plans for excavating the site, and working to create an environment where students of all ages and all backgrounds can come and dig at this immensely important location.

Recently, the IAA issued a license to the University of Haifa to excavate on Foundation Stone’s behalf, the “Tooth” in the field next to the Tel. In the coming months, Yeshu Dray, the official conservator of Tel Yavne will head the team surveying this mysterious feature. With the involvment of archaeologist Maha Darawashe, the determination of what this underground feature is will be made. Stay tuned.

Yavne Resident Discovers Ancient Pottery on Tel

In early December 2007, "Eitan" - a local Yavne resident who has spent more time on the Tel than all the archaeologists in Israel, discovered ancient pottery that had been exposed as a result of earthworks being conducted at the site. As soon as he made his discovery, Eitan was on the phone with Foundation Stone, to ensure that the preservation of antiquities was dealt with at the highest levels. Foundation Stone immediately contacted Gideon Avni of the Israel Antiquities Authority and after a quick consultation, it was decided that the local IAA representative (Moshe Adjami) would meet Eitan, Foundation Stone co-director Barnea Selavan, with the IAA staff at the site the following day. Our Channuka gift this past week was the decision by the IAA to conduct an immediate excavation at the site. Work is scheduled to commence this week... Stay tuned for more information.