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…a little Jewish history with Stuart David (2020)
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Dr. Yuval Gadot and Yiftah Shalev (2017)

It's December 2017 and we've been doing some homework. First a visit to the Givati Parking Lot excavation. We got an eagle eye view of the newest (oldest?) excavation areas being dug by Dr. Yuval Gadot of Tel Aviv University and Yiftah Shalev of the Israel Antiquities Authority. And as they dig new holes, they are filling in some of the glaring gaps in our understanding of the Second Temple period. We then headed out to Tel Aviv University for an in-office interview that was 90% archaeology and 10% kibitzing… Click on the link above if you're hip to hearing some scoops in this glimpse into Israel's past.
(All images and video © 2017 by David Willner for Foundation Stone. All rights reserved.)
By the Rivers of Babyon
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By the Rivers of Babylon with Dr. Filip Vukosavović
Dovid & Barnea are back in 5776 - hosting a new LandMinds podcast (with video and pix!). In this session we discuss the Jewish community that emerged in Babylon following the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem. Sit back for an in-depth, hour-long interview with Dr. Filip Vukosavović - curator of the “By the Rivers of Babylon” exhibit at the Bible Lands Museum. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did making it! It’s 64mins - but well worth it!

(All images and video © 2015 by David Willner for Foundation Stone, with the permission of BLMJ. All rights reserved.)
David Wilder - He Speaks for Hebron
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David Wider is the official spokesperson for the Jewish community in Hebron. You'll find him a knowledgable and articulate representative of one of Israel's oldest and most important cities. Click the player above and you can blow some dust off of the history of the city of Abraham, David, and so many others. For more pictures and articles about Hebron, please follow the links below:
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Dovid & Barnea on top of Tel Hebron (Rumeida) City Wall
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Barnea with David Wilder (photo by D. Willner)
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Hebron '14 - Can you find the tomb of the Patriarchs? (photo by D. Willner)
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"Abraham's Well" (photo by D. Willner)
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Aerial view of Tel Rumeida courtesy of David Ben Shlomo
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Aerial view of Tel Rumeida courtesy of David Ben Shlomo
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David Willner talks with David ben Shlomo at Tel Rumeida
Binyomin Storchan - Pure Waters Run Deep
LandMinds Audio…
Recently, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced an unusual find. A mikvah on the outskirts of Jerusalem is ordinarily not a newsworthy event. But when that mikvah (ritual bath) boasts a 3-pool collection and feeder system, those in the know take notice. Join us as we interview archaeologist Benyamin Storchan of the IAA as he talks about this important find, and shares a little bit about how a young man from Michigan found his way to the Mikvah of Kiryat Menachem.
Sefirat HaOmer with Dovid and Barnea
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Dovid & Barnea are back in the saddle hosting a new LandMinds podcast. In this session we discuss issues related to the Sefirat HaOmer Period (the weeks counted between Passover and Shavuot). We cover a wide range - from the Biblical commandment, the Kabbalistic component - and finally the Bar Kochva Revolt and the students of Rabbi Akiva. It’s a far-ranging session and we invite your comments.
Baruch Sturman - The Rarest Blue
David Willner and Eve Harow - Talk With Baruch and Judy Sterman, authors of "The Royal Blue" (Part 1)
LandMinds Presents: Renegade Radio
David Willner and Eve Harow - Talk With Baruch and Judy Sterman, authors of "The Royal Blue" (Part 2)
Images courtesy of "The Rarest Blue" and P'til Tekhelet
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Murex Trunculus
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Murex shells and dyed wool
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Dying for "tekhelet"
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Tying "tekhelet" for "tzitzit" - fringes
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Opening the murex shells
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Tied "tekhelet" strings 01
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Tied "tekhelet" strings 02
"Wisdom comes... thru your ears..."