Lachish and Sennacharib - Starkey and Ussishkin
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    Battle of Lachish 01

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Profile of an Archaeologist: Professor David Ussishkin
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LandMinds Audio Podcast - Part I (40:50)
Click on the player below on the left to listen to a LandMinds interview with retired Tel Aviv University archaeologist David Ussishkin (video highlights coming soon).
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Professor Emeritus of Archaeology
B.A. - The Hebrew University, 1958 M.A. - The Hebrew University, 1962  Ph.D. - The Hebrew University, 1966 Ph.D. Dissertation: The Neo-Hittite Monuments, their Dating and Style
Academic Duties, Tel Aviv University
Head, Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Director, The Institute of Archaeology
Editor, Tel Aviv, The Journal of the Institute of Archaeology
Incumbent, The Austria Chair in Archaeology of the Land of Israel in the Biblical Period
Selected Excavations and Surveys

Tel Lachish excavation and restoration project

Tel Jezreel excavation project
Tel Megiddo excavation project
Assistant to Director, 'Cave of the letters', the Judean Desert, expedition
Field superviser, Ein-Gedi, the Chalcolithic temple excavations
Field superviser, Massada excavations
Co-Director, Tel Bet Yerah (Khirbet Kerak) excavations
Survey, the Iron Age necropolis at Silwan, Jerusalem
Betar, the last stronghold of Bar-Kochba's revolt
Since 1992
Current Projects
The Megiddo Excavations
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James Leslie Starkey
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James Leslie Starkey (3 January 1895 – 10 January 1938) was a noted British archaeologist of the ancient Near East and Palestine in the period before the Second World War. The chief excavator of the first archaeological expedition to the important site of Lachish (Tell ed-Duweir) from 1932, Starkey was robbed and killed by Arab bandits near Bayt Jibrin on a track leading from Bayt Jibrin to Hebron.[1] He is buried in Protestant Cemetery on Mount Zion, Jerusalem.

[Photo courtesy of the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF)]

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Tel Lachish 01
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Tel Lachish 02
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Tel Lachish: Raised Platform - Altar?
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Tel Lachish: Palace Platform
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Tel Lachish: Gate Area (inside view)
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Tel Lachish: Gate Area
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Tel Lachish: Palace Platform
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Jim Long and David Ussishkin