Who are the Who's Who of archaeology in Israel? Click on a name and get their vital stats!

Adams, David

David Adams is a professor at Concordia Seminary and serves as the official photographer for the Elah Fortress (Kh. Qeiyafa) excavation.

Altshul, Asher

Bar Tura, Shai

Darawashe, Maha

Demsky, Aharon

Professor Aharon Demsky, is a recently retired epigrapher from Bar Ilan University. He has worked with Aren Meier at Tel es Safi, is the official epigrapher of Tel Yavne, and at many other sites throughout the Land of Israel.

Freund, Richard

Richard Freund is the director of the Greenberg Center for Jewish Studies at the Univerisity of Hartford. He was invited to participate in the Tel Yavne Prototype Excavation, and was instrumental in forming the geophysical team that is doing pioneering work at sites throughout Israel. He is co-Director of the excavation at Beit Saida.

Frumkin, Amos

Ganor, Saar

Saar Ganor is a ranger for the Israel Antiquities Authority and co-Director the Elah Fortress (Kh. Qeiyafa) excavation.

Garfinkel, Yossi

Yosef Garfinkel is a reknowned archaeologist whose finds from the neolithic period have been displayed at the Met and at the Lourve. He is currently co-Director of the Elah Fortress (Kh. Qeiyafa) excavation.

Goren, Avner

Avner Goren has been digging in Israel for decades, including excavations with Yigal Yadin at Masada. He formerly served as the regional archaeologist for the Negev on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Avner has been closely involved in many important projects in Israel, including projects on behalf of Foundation Stone. He currently is the Israel director of the Path of Abraham Project.

Levin, Yigal

Maier, Aren

Mazar, Eilat

Reich, Ronny

Stiebel, Guy

Zissu, Boaz

Zweig, Zachi