Tel Hebron - Tel Rumeida
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    Bronze Age: Well Preserved Street

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    Bronze Age City Wall

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    Presumed Tomb of Ruth and Jesse

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    New Excavation Squares

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    Archaeological remains under Beit Menachem

David Wilder - He Speaks for Hebron
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David Wider is the official spokesperson for the Jewish community in Hebron. You'll find him a knowledgable and articulate representative of one of Israel's oldest and most important cities. Click the player above and you can blow some dust off of the history of the city of Abraham, David, and so many others. For more pictures and articles about Hebron, please follow the links below:
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Dovid & Barnea on top of Tel Hebron (Rumeida) City Wall
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Barnea with David Wilder (photo by D. Willner)
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Hebron '14 - Can you find the tomb of the Patriarchs? (photo by D. Willner)
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"Abraham's Well" (photo by D. Willner)
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Aerial view of Tel Rumeida courtesy of David Ben Shlomo
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Aerial view of Tel Rumeida courtesy of David Ben Shlomo
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David Willner talks with David ben Shlomo at Tel Rumeida
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