• Barnea Levi Selavan
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    ...native of Chicago, Illinois, worked in public relations for many years, primarily for the Jerusalem Reclamation Project in the Old City of Jerusalem. He received rabbinic ordination from the late Rabbi Y. Ruderman of the Ner Israel College in Baltimore and from the Hebrew Institute of California. Rabbi Selavan recently completed his undergraduate degree in archaeology and received his "teudat chofer" (excavator’s credential). He is currently working on his Masters degree and is a sought-after lecturer, tour guide and educator. He specializes in Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall excavations, and is the author of the successful book, “Tzaddik's Guide to Jerusalem's Old City.” Selavan also serves also serves as co-host of LandMinds - an international internet podcast (formerly broadcast live on Israel National Radio).

    Barnea Selavan working with teachers in San Diego 2014

    Barnea Selavan speaking at KINS in Chicago 2012

  • Jim Long
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    In 1996 Jim (with his wife Carol) formed Lightcatcher Productions in Dallas, Texas, allowing them to pursue their love of filmmaking, in consonance with their interests in history and archaeology. Their resume includes commercial, industrial, documentary and feature film experience.

    Jim served as one of the producers for the Fox-Lorber series Quest: Search for the Ark of the Covenant shot on location in Israel. Under the Lightcatcher Productions banner, Jim and Carol have produced:
    • Treasures of the Copper Scroll
    • Riddle of the Exodus
    • The Ezekiel Airship

    Jim spent over 25 years in broadcasting, serving as producer for the highly rated Mark Davis Show on WBAP radio and a wide variety of other media experience. Today he is a frequent guest on radio talk-shows, and lectures around the world. Carol is a professional photographer and graphic artist and is currently the driving force behind Lightcatcher Books.
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  • David Willner
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    ...formerly of Los Angeles, grew up on the fringe of Hollywood. He earned an MA Ed from Loyola Marymount University, specialising in Marriage Family and Child Counselling, and has worked extensively in informal Jewish education. Willner, who studied at the Hebrew Institute of California, has directed programs and projects for NCSY, JCCA, the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, and the Jewish Agency in Israel. He has taught both in Israel and the Diaspora. The founder of Mountain High Productions, a company providing graphic design work and media consulting services, he brings a wealth of experience in media and education to Foundation Stone's ongoing activities. Willner also serves as producer and co-host of LandMinds - an internet radio show (formerly on Israel National Radio - Arutz 7), and now an independently produced international podcast. He lives in Efrat with his wife and children.
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