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    Is your school interested in an adrenalin shot of Israel and Torah? Your students can touch history, immerse themselves in the map of Israel at the time of Tanach, and learn to read and write Ktav Ivri - from the ancient coins and inscriptions of yesterday.
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    We have some of the most inspiring speakers for your community or adult education program. Prof. Aren Maeir of Bar Ilan University who is digging in ancient Gat of the Philistines, epigrapher Prof. Aharon Demsky - a leading expert on ancient inscriptions, Jim Long - film maker who has produced "Riddle of the Exodus" - a documentary that looks at both academic sources and classical Jewish sources as it looks to identify who is the Pharaoh of the Exodus...These and so many more are available to speak in your community.
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    Interested in a Shabbaton or Shabbat program? Our experienced team can provide an exciting and energising program that will inspire and motivate your congregants in ways hardly imagined. We've already scheduled a program in San Diego at Beth Jacob in the College area - but we can provide speakers and programming at your synagogue or temple as well. Contact us to find out more...

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Rabbi Barnea Levi Selavan
Foundation Stone

Dear Rabbi Selavan,

I want to thank you for coming to La Jolla Country Day a few weeks ago to discuss your archaeological finds relating to Chanukah with the Jewish Student Club and with the history class of Jonathan Shulman. (I heard that you also visited an art class, which was equally excited to see the ancient relics you brought.) The satellite map you showed us, the oil lamp and coins, the explanation of the Maccabees' battle, of the origins of the alphabet, of the dangers of building on agricultural lands-in short everything you spoke about-were illuminating and instructive. What a fortunate coincidence-I should say it was bashert-that Mr. Shulman's history class was studying just the period you came to speak of and that our interruption of the class turned out not to be an interruption at all but a very welcome addition to the curriculum.

We are all very grateful that you took the time and made the effort to be with us that day, and I hope in future we can schedule additional visits when you are in San Diego.

Many thanks,

Gideon Rappaport

Gideon Rappaport, Ph.D.
Department of English
La Jolla Country Day School