Torah & Archaeology Shabbat Program
    February 23-24, 2018
    11910 Kemp Mill Road
    Silver Spring, MD 20902
    • Friday Night
      1. Youth Minyan Devar Torah: The Inside Story of Lachish
      2. Oneg Shabbat for High School: Purim, History and Archaeology
    • Shabbat Morning
      1. 7.00am Devar Torah [in Youth Bet Midrash]: The Ten Exiles of the Sanhedrin
      2. 8:00am Devar Torah: Yavneh and the Birth of Modern Judaism
      3. 8:45 Devar Torah: The Ten Exiles of the Sanhedrin
    • Shabbat Afternoon
      4. 4.00-4.45pm Youth Program (Grades 2-5): Purim show and tell
      5. 4.00-4.45pm Youth Program (Grades 6-8): Purim: More than meets the eye
    • After Mincha
      6. After Mincha: Panel Discussion: Jim Long and David Willner [need a catchy title]
    • MOTZASH Program
      7.45-9.30pm Multimedia presentations followed by light refreshments:
      Jim Long: Treasures of the Copper Scroll
      Chris Rollston: The Alt-Write
    Open all
Sunday Programs
10.00am-Noon: Teacher Training (for educators only)

1.00-4.00pm: TANACH at the MUSEUM
Guided Tour of the Bible Museum