NOVEMBER 18-24, 2019



Ktav Ivri / Ktav Ashuri - up to 2 hours [MS, HS] - a two-hour program that includes a historical review of the development of writing. A halachic outline of some of the issues related to the writing of Sifrei Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzot, we provide an integrated understanding of the issues that relate to the reading and writing we so often take for granted. The second part of the program is a hands-on writing experience working with kulmusim (quills), ink, and klaf (parchment) where the students learn to write their own names. By the end of the session the students are well on their way to being able to read ancient coins and inscriptions.

On the Map - 1.5 hours [MS, HS] - Making use of Foundation Stone’s De’ara Tanach Map (DTM), we revisit some of the key events of the Torah and Nevi’im (Prophets) - on the map. The map is approximately 9ft x 3ft and is east oriented (much like a whiteboard or chalk board). Using colourful dry-erase markers, the students participate in identifying the sites of battles and events that they are familiar with. This session is highly adaptable to the particular class and curriculum.

Pick the Perek - 1 hour [MS, HS] - At the discretion of the teacher or principal of the school, a specific perek of Tanach will be broken down and presented in terms of its geography, archaeology, and history, using artefacts, images and maps.

Show, Tell and Touch Jewish History - up to 2 hours [K-12] - with a collection of pottery shards, coins, and other excavated materials - and with a license from the Israel Antiquities Authority, we bring a variety of archaeological materials that students can touch and feel that come from a variety of sites, and a long swath of Jewish history.

The Rabbi and the Archaeologist - 1.5 hours [HS] - an entirely unique presentation - with an archaeologist and a Rabbi presenting on the same issue - from two completely different points of view. Often it is a chapter from Tanach. Where does archaeology challenge our understanding and where does it enhance or support our understanding.

Understanding Archaeological Sites - up to 2 hours [MS, HS] - Khirbet Qeiyafa: What’s so special about a 3000 year old site? - Tel Yavne: Where the Jewish People were reborn

Am I Blue - up to 2 hours (by special request) [MS, HS] - A virtual trip into Jewish history and an understanding of this long-lost Biblical commandment of Techelet. Includes the chemistry and science behind the identifying of the chilazon, a dying demonstration, and review and appreciation for the mitzvah.

Requirements: White board and dry erase markers, computer projector, table for artefacts. Mounting tape and wall space for 2.8x1meter map.


TOARCH is Foundation Stone’s pioneering annual Torah & Archaeology program scheduled to coincide with the annual ASOR Conference (American Schools of Oriental Research). ASOR is run annually in a different city in North America, in November. Recognising that some of the world's leading archaeologists and scholars are in attendance at the conference, Foundation Stone seized on the opportunity to bring some of these outstanding, scholars, researchers and educators into the local Jewish community.

TOARCH is a rare opportunity for schools, synagogues, and community centres to host a unique scholars-in-residence program - a program sure to excite, captivate, and enrich the members of the local Jewish community - regardless of religious affiliation or level of observance. The result is a fantastic experience that will excite and inform people about Israel, Jewish history - the Tanach (Bible) and the Mishna/Talmud.

TOARCH brings to each community a collection of artefacts from actual excavations that students and adults can touch and feel. Artefacts come with the approval and export license of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). In addition, some outstanding map, media, and other materials are brought for an incredibly enriching and powerful experience.


The TOARCH Shabbaton is a Shabbat-long scholar-in-residence program that offers a community the opportunity to spend time with outstanding scholars, archaeologists, and others involved in excavating Israel.

Some past sessions have included:
  • The Rabbi & The Archaeologist
  • The Ten Exiles of the Sanhedrin
  • The Battles of the Maccabees
  • The Brit of Noah & The Brit of Yisrael
  • The Content and The Context
  • Bar Kochba: The Untold Story
  • In the Valley of Elah
…and so much more

"It has consistently been our policy to do as much or as little as the local rabbi and community like. At one synagogue the rabbi said, "…if you guys are coming - fantastic - I'll get the Shabbat off - you can run the show." We had three speakers at his synagogue - and had presentations Friday night in the shul, a Friday night Oneg Shabbat in a home, Shabbat morning in the shul and at the Kiddush - and at Seudat Shlishit." There was also a Motzai Shabbat program. On the other end of the spectrum, we've had rabbis tell us that the only slot he was willing to give us was at Seudat Shlishit - and that was fine as well.

Shabbat programs are often more complex than weekday presentations. Recent presenters have included:
  • Chaim ben David
  • Aaron Demsky
  • Ari Greenspan
  • Jim Long
  • Barnea Selavan
  • David Willner



Yetziat Mitzraim - the Exodus - is under attack. The basic assumptions that have informed the Jewish experience - and Jewish identity for millennia are being challenged as never before. Join Foundation Stone as we examine the Exodus - Fact or Fiction - to see whether there is any evidence for this event - and if one of the primary pillars of the Jewish people is real or imagined.

Saturday Night - Motzai Shabbat November 2018
(admission is free, your contributions are welcome)

Jim Long - writer and director of Riddle of the Exodus
  • Mon. Nov. 18


  • Tues. Nov. 19


  • Wed. Nov. 20


  • Thur. Nov. 21


  • Fri. Nov. 22

    Shabbat Program - TBD

  • Shabbat

    Shabbat Program - TBD
    Oneg Shabbat - TBD | Motzash Program

    Multimedia Melava Malka

    Riddle of the Exodus with Jim Long
    Did the Exodus really happen? Can we find evidence today?

  • Sun. Nov. 24

    Teacher Training - In Service Program for Educators

  • Schools

    Foundation Stone has visited schools across the US, Canada, and England. Here’s a short list…

    • Barkai
    • Flatbush Yeshiva
    • Kushner Academy - Livingston
    • JEC - Elizabeth
    • Hillel Yeshiva - Deal
    • Moreshet Yehoshua - Lakewood
    • Keter Torah - Lakewood
    • Torah Academy
    • B’nos Yisrael
    • Hillel Academy - Pittsburgh
    • Mesivta High School - McKeesport
    • Yeshiva of Greater Washington
    • JPDS
    • Torah School of Washington
    • CESJDS
    • Berman Academy
    • Torah Day School
    • Temima High School
    • Ohr Yisrael Yeshiva
    • AJA
    • Weinbaum Yeshiva High - Boca Raton
    • Etz Chaim
    • The Ulpana
    • Or Hachayim
    • Hebrew High
    • LONDON
    • London School for Jewish Studies
    • Beth Jacob Grammar School
    • Menorah High School for Girls
    • ISRAEL
    • Yeshivat Hakotel - Jerusalem
    • Derech Etz Chaim - Jerusalem
    • Yavneh Hebrew Academy
    • Ohr Eliyahu
    • YULA
    • SCY High
    • Torah High Schools
    • Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School
    • La Jolla Country Day School
    • Denver Academy of Torah
    • The Academy
    • Ohr Boruch, Veitzener Cheder
    • Lubavitch Cheder
    • Akiba Shechter
    • Hillel Torah
    • Joan Dachs
    • JCFS Yeshiva
    • Skokie Yeshiva
    • Ida Crown
    • Arie Crown
    • Kollel Torah Mitzion
  • Community
    The TOARCH program has been a hit at community events in Carlsbad, Coronado, La Jolla, San Diego, Baltimore, and Chicago. One of the most exciting programs to date, were sessions at the Leichtag Ranch Hub in Encinitas, and with Leichtag Foundation director Jim Farley. In addition to JCC events, we’ve also been welcomed at the Centre for Jewish Culture (CJC) in San Diego County, and the Centre for Jewish Education (CJE) in Baltimore - one of our core sponsors for TOARCH ’12 Baltimore.
  • Synagogues
    The central TOARCH program has been our Torah & Archaeology Shabbaton. The first event was held at KINS (Knesset Israel Nusach Sefard) in Chicago in 2012. Last year (2013) the program was run at Ner Tamid in Baltimore. Rabbi Yisrael Motzen was quick to open his synagogue to us, and hosted the program with great care and professionalism. And in 2014, the program was run at Beth Jacob of San Diego. Our thanks go out to rabbis Leonard Matanky, Yaacov Motzen, and Avram Bogopulsky. A special shout out and thank you goes to Rabbi Pinny Roth in San Diego who opened his home and his friendship to our team. It really meant a lot to us.

    On the youth level, we’re thrilled to be able to work with organizations like NCSY. In Baltimore and San Diego we’ve participated in programming during Shabbat and the week for high school students, such as “Latte and Learning,” Shabbatonim, and public school programs.
    Beth Jacob Cong. - Beverly Hills
    Yavne Kehilla - Los Angeles
    Shaarey Yerushalayim - Valley Village
    Beth Jacob Congregation - Irvine
    Beth Jacob Congregation - San Diego
    Etz Chaim Congregation - Jacksonville, FL
    Beth Jacob - Atlanta
    The Kehilla - Sandy Springs, GA
    Congregation Ariel - Dunwoody, GA
    Young Israel of Brookline
    Beth El - Newton
    Maimonides Kehilla - Brookline
    KMS - Silver Spring
    Beth Avraham Yaacov of Toronto
    Rodfei Sholom Cong. - San Antonio
    Agudas Achim - San Antonio
    KINS - Chicago
    Mikor Chaim - Skokie
    Chovevei Tzion - Skokie
    DAT Minyan - Denver
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