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Photographer Profile: Rebecca Kowalsky

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Making Aliyah in 1985 was a key highlight in my life, a realization of something extraordinary. My husband, Yossi, and I came to Israel from Chicago, in 1985 with our first child, then one-year-old. Our family grew and so did my passion for photography.

Photography has been in my "me" ever since taking a course in high school. Over the last years my involvement in professional photography has grown and expanded.

Pursuing black and white photography (including hours in my darkroom) as well as color and digital photography has brought me joy and fulfillment.

Artistic landscape photography from all over the Land of Israel, as well as around the world, while incorporating local street photography wherever I happen to be has enabled me to actualize my fervor for the great gift of life in this time period.

Of course being gifted the privilege of documenting people's important moments, all over the world has only deepened that core photographic soul inside me.

Community projects – employing my art to make a difference has been a vital element in my professional life. Recording the stories of Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, Avukat Or (A Day Care center for the blind), and many community events and ceremonies has given me more than I can articulate.

Teaching workshops for children, teenagers, and adults is FUN, enriching, and purely wonderful. I LOVE it.

Lecturing to groups has also kept me busy these past few years pushing me to evaluate and renew myself and my work. Exhibiting and presenting has achieved those same results.

Creating functional Judaica has been at the forefront of my creative life. Together with amazing graphic designers, and strong support and input from family and friends, ImagesThroughTime has had the honor of creating the internationally renowned and popular Land of Israel Birkon (in various versions), a Channukah siddur, and a Yom Ha'atazmaut siddur, and my newest product, the Book of Hoshanot for the Sukkot holiday.

Photography has evolved into a means to share my world with others. Passion coupled with professionalism manifests itself in the energy invested in what I do and live, and the relationships and friendships built with the people I work with and for.