• Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore (2013)
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  • La Jolla Country Day School (2014)
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  • Chabad Center of University City (2014)
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  • Arie Crown Hebrew Day School - Chicago (2012)
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  • Yeshiva University Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago (2012)
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  • Stern Hebrew High School - Philadelphia (2007)

    Tue 11/27/2007
    Dear Barnea Levi Selavan,

    I had the pleasure of listening to your presentation of the Foundation Stone De'Ara Tanach Map both in a neighboring yeshiva ketana and in my school. 

    I do not believe it would be hyperbole to describe your product as a revolutionary aid in the teaching of Tanach.

    The east-west orientation of the map helps the students relate to the terminology of the pesukkim. The topography helps make the sacred text come alive and provides context to many narratives.

    You and your associates deserve a hearty "Y'yasher Koach"!

    Best wishes to you in present and future endeavors.

    Rabbi Mordechai Wecker
    Head of School
    Stern Hebrew High School

    1630 Hoffnagle Street Philadelphia, PA 19152
  • Shaarey Yerushalayim - Los Angeles (2015)
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  • Denver Academy of Torah (2018)
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  • Temima High School - Atlanta (2016)
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  • Hillel Torah (2021)
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